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Great fishing experience

Our fishing service, both for beginners - for whom, perhaps, the progress of the fish-finding equipment is absolutely not important and for professional anglers who come to relax with their families and obviously not everyone thinks about taking a bunch of tackle, bait, not to mention the complete set - the boat is equipped according to the latest trend of the fishing industry.

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Hello, my name is Roman Astapov. I have been professional canoeing for 25 years and have been fishing since the age of 4. Therefore, the attraction to boats, water and everything that lives there is an integral part of my life.


The idea of ​​a fishing service arose long ago, when in 2012 or 2013, I do not remember exactly, my sports pals from Lithuania came for a couple of days to visit and asked me to provide the service of a fishing guide and take them to my main fishing spots, knowing my love to fishing. After a three-day tour and the capture of weighty green beauties, the guys were delighted and noted the excellent skills of the guide, and I, in turn, was even more pleased with such emotions presented to them, then the idea was born to get to the point where I would do it on a commercial basis. At that time, it seemed wild and there was no such confidence that people would respond so actively to this kind of not very popular activity. Of course, this could not be the main source of income, and the inventory for the provision of a service of an appropriate level did not correspond to the fact that the service would be commercial and at the highest level, but I did not want to do it fast and cheaply, since the goal was by no means the money received from the service, but high-quality service and emotions obtained. Thus, for quite a long time I went around and around this idea, until the moment when, in 2019, after acquiring an overall motor boat, I started the implementation and active promotion of the service itself. By nature, I was a supporter of the old school and methods of finding fish based on the accumulated experience and fishing instincts gained over many years of experience and practice.

Relying little on electronics and not delving into the intricacies of the latest innovations, a primitive echo sounder was enough to have a good time and get a lot of fun. It may sound quite wild and, of course, I read the indicators of echo sounders for a long time and used them to understand the terrain, recognize fish, but electric anchors, live tracking sensors, it seemed too much to me, and it dulls the hunter’s instincts for me, besides, I wanted to give the fish maximum chance and level the chances. Everything would have gone like this, but the client’s desire for me played the role of the fact that fishermen and athletes began to apply for the service, for whom, apart from the fishing area and provision of the service, the factor of having a stocked arsenal at the latest fashion was important, and more than once there were situations when weather conditions did not allow to receive comfort and pleasure without being able to quickly gain a foothold on the point and stay in the fish parking place at the right angles. The decision was made and I began to fully study what the market was offering then and install it all on a separate boat, thereby dividing the guide service into two different categories, one boat for fishing according to the principle “not after fish, but for the sake of fishing” and the other for active search and work with the fish-searching equipment.

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