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About guided fishing

In the modern world, the pace of technology development is so high that not everyone may have opportunity to keep up with the time. In the fishing world, the development of technology every year surprises fishing lovers and professionals. Certainly, those who know and understand the basics of fishing without all this will always be able to find at what, where and what the fish are biting and get a lot of pleasure from it.


Our fishing service, both for beginners - for whom, perhaps, the progress of the fish-finding equipment is absolutely not important and for professional anglers who come to relax with their families and obviously not everyone thinks about taking a bunch of tackle, bait, not to mention the complete set - the boat is equipped according to the latest trend of the fishing industry.


If fishing is not alien to you, but the time you can devote to it is only a couple of times a year, then you definitely do not need to equip yourself with the latest fashion and spend a lot of money on it and afterwards think what to do with it - nowadays, the service of a fishing guide is becoming increasingly popular, a guide cannot simply provide all of this, but also tell and show from his own experience how it works - after all, the mere fact of buying all the equipment does not mean anything if you do not know how to use it correctly and read all the indicators and do the right data analytics.


We have two options with a fundamentally different approach - one boat is designed for the people who are passionate about what they do and for the active search with modern fish-finding equipment and the other is meant for a more relaxing holiday, combining business with pleasure, allowing you to be distracted by spending time with great comfort with friends, family or to hold an extraordinary business meeting.


We also provide the service of organizing group fishing tours to foreign fishing bases in Scandinavia for groups of people. The entire set of equipment, delivery of the boat with the fish-searching equipment and gear are included in the price of the tour. The cost of the tour is made on a case-by-case basis

depending on the number of people and the country.

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250 euro


Not after the fish, but for the sake of fishing

This tour is a perfect choice for those who want to spend time with relatives, friends or for an extraordinary meeting with a business partner.


The purpose of the tour is not to run into a hard-earned search for fish, but to enjoy the process of fishing on a larger and more comfortable boat. The service allows you to separately install a table for a comfortable meal while sitting on soft and comfortable seats.


Refreshment drinks are included in the price of the tour, catching fish is not the main goal - while positive emotions are exactly what you need.

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250 euro


Active spinning fishing - hard-earned

When the fish bites for everyone and everything, then there is no excitement in catching and the question is why you need someone if the fish can be caught anyway. The purpose of such a tour is to search for active fish and catch it. No matter what, try to find, under possibly difficult conditions, the very moment the fish comes out and learn how to find such fish and catch it. We are not looking for excuses like bad weather, fatigue and lack of food, but fanatically refuse to budge to the utmost and select the key to the working fish.


Of course, no one can give guarantees and fishing is made to be fishing, so that weather conditions, current, unexpected guests in the form of seals at the fishing points can cross out all hopes - however, the process of work, analysis of conditions and selection of baits is the value that our guide will share based on his experience.


Fishing with big lures

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250 euro

There is a concept that in order to catch a big fish you need to use exceptionally large baits. Opinions are split by those who are for and who are against it, however, still the experience of our Guide is more inclined to the fact that a big mouth needs a big piece and as to the pike, it is clearly more interested when you serve a big bait, such fishing can often end up that for the whole day you cannot feel a single bite - on the monitors you can see how the fish reacts and accompanies the bait, but there is no bite itself - as a result, those who are not prepared to throw big baits all day may get tired hands and lack of trust in the fish as such.


But there are also moments when big fish comes out even in doublets, and believe me, these rare bites and captures bring indescribable emotions that remain in your memory for a long time. A photo with such a trophy will then serve long as proof of what happened.

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Fishing with live bait

There is a special class of lovers of catching predators on live bait. Such fishing will show the entire process from the moment how and what kind of live bait to catch and to the moment how to feed it to the predator. Float equipment or spinning with a pulley rig. As a rule, such fishing is the most efficient, since the fish more often, of course, give their preference to live bait rather than artificial, however, not necessarily.

250 euro


250 euro


Getting acquainted with the water area and fishing features

If you are a fisherman and you do not need to be taught how to fish, but there is no time to study the water area, terrain, understand the peculiarities of the behavior of fish along the stream and other factors, then you can learn all this by having a tour with our guide and draw yourself in the shortest possible time a map of the area and a plan of the upcoming competitions.


This is suitable for athletes who want to take part in competitions, but for various reasons who did not have time to devote enough time to training to study the fishing area on their own. The purpose of such a tour is to cover the maximum fishing area in a short time and get acquainted with the places of the predator’s parking.



Ice fishing in winter

We love fishing so much that even in winter we cannot sit at home waiting for the next season, and the search for a predator in winter from the ice is also not alien to us. Everything here is banal and simple - if the conditions allow fishing from the ice and there is no prohibition, then we will select a place to catch, tackle and the type of what and who to catch. Target fish - pike, perch. In winter, someone else will help to catch pike perch from the ice.

250 euro

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250 euro


Ice fishing in winter

We love fishing so much that even in winter we cannot sit at home waiting for the next season, and the search for a predator in winter from the ice is also not alien to us. Everything here is banal and simple - if the conditions allow fishing from the ice and there is no prohibition, then we will select a place to catch, tackle and the type of what and who to catch. Target fish - pike, perch. In winter, someone else will help to catch pike perch from the ice.

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250 euro


Children’s workshop

We do not forget about the younger generation and we will help to instill a love for fishing through a special workshop and a program for children from 7-14 years old. Full training from scratch and maximum attention to the safety of behaviour on the water. Such a tour is perfect for those who have long promised to go fishing with their son or daughter, but there is lack of gear and understanding of this. No need to complicate your task, leave it to us.


250 euro


Fishing for pelagic fish with Panoptix

Do you ever find yourself struggling to catch fish on your own? Are you tired of spending hours on the water with little success? Look no further than our guided fishing tours with Panoptix technology!

Our experienced guides will take you to the best fishing spots and equip you with state-of-the-art Panoptix technology. With this amazing technology, you can see exactly where the fish are hiding, even in the most difficult-to-reach areas. You'll be able to spot the fish and reel them in with ease, making your fishing trip a success.

We provide all the necessary equipment, including boats and fishing gear, so you can focus on having fun and catching fish. Our guides have years of experience and will share their knowledge and tips with you, ensuring that you have the best possible fishing experience.

Don't waste any more time struggling to catch fish on your own. Book a guided fishing tour with Panoptix technology today and make your next fishing trip unforgettable!

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  • Type of equipment?
    Boat POWERBOAT 520DC - five-seater (including guide), engine 150 Mercury, electric anchor MINN KOTA ULTERRA 80/MDI/IPLINK_BT 60" 24V, main search echo sounder - HUMMINBIRD SOLIX 12 CHIRP MEGA SI+ G3, ancillary GARMIN ECHOMAP™ ULTRA 122SV, active fish tracking sensor - GARMIN LIVESCOPE™ PLUS SYSTEM WITH GLS 10™ AND LVS34 TRANSDUCER, two-axle trailer with electric drive - RESPO Multiroller 2000 2. Pleasure boat Finmaster BR62 for eight people with YAMAHA 150 engine
  • What is the field of fishing specialization?
    - predatory fish (pike, pike perch, river perch)
  • Is it possible to rent a boat?
    No, we do not provide a separate service for renting inventory or equipment.
  • Fishing ponds and water area?
    The price of the main tour includes fishing in Riga and the Riga region on the lakes Kīšezers, Big Baltezers, Jugla, the Daugava and Lielupe rivers. Under a separate agreement, it is possible to organize a trip to any chosen body of water in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland or Sweden.
  • What about fishing licenses and permits?
    The tour price does not include fishing licenses and fishing permits.
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